Inle Lake Information

Inle Lake is one of the best places to go in Myanmar. It is in the Shan State, and is the area’s main attraction. The state is expansive and unexplored, home to enigmatic and beautiful mountains that serve as the perfect backdrop for the lake, featuring floating communities, stilted homes and ancient stupas.
Inle Lake is recommended for travellers who are looking for a relaxing vacation. The place provides escape from the fast-paced life of the city. Here, time passes slowly and every experience can be savoured – visitors can spend their days canoeing or trekking in the lush countryside or maybe watch the Inthar people do their tasks by the lake. This is a place where many people stay much longer than they originally planned.
Compared to other places in Myanmar, it can be a bit cold thanks to the surrounding mountains and because of its location, it can also be tricky to travel to the lake. Tourists can travel by plane, but the airport is far from the lake and travelling by road can be a bumpy adventure in itself. However, the beauty of the place is worth the trip.