Mandalay Hill Resort

Room Type: Superior, Deluxe, Suites

Descripton: We had a 3 night stay and enjoyed a spacious room overlooking the hill, service was friendly but a little haphazard, breakfast was good but did not use the restaurant, great pool. Like most hotels in Myanmar WiFi is unpredicatble, new Thai manager seemed to want to listen to comments and was very helpful

We only had two nights at this hotel as part of a package tour going on a cruise down the river to Yangon. Would have loved to stay a week. The food was very good and the pool/spar area was wonderful. The view from our 6th floor window was of the hill and the temple on top. In the early morning the view was wonderful and the sight of the herd of geese feeding on the roadside with the monks walking into town was unreal.. Mandalay itself is a very interesting city and the people cant do enough to held you. Buy a longie, wrap it round you, grab a Mandalay beer and sit by the pool. Go into town at nigh for the food if you want but the hotel does a great buffet. What a place to unwind. We will be back.

Mandalay Hill Resort Hotel lies at the foot of Mandalay Hill with a panoramic view of a myriad of pagodas. It also faces the distinctive architecture of the Royal Palace and its beautiful moat.
Your visit, enhanced by the fun-loving hospitable people of Myanmar whose lives remain simple and relaxed, will become treasured and timeless memories.