Pandaw Cruise Photos

I did the Pandaw Cruises trip from Saigon to Siem Reap in March 2011, and it was outstanding. I cannot recommend it highly enough. The food was great, the cabins spotless and spacious, the crew and guides most attentive, and the on-shore excursions were fabulous. I travelled solo, and didn’t feel left out or out of place. The passengers were about 1/3 American. 1/3 Brits, and 1/3 others (Europeans and Australians). They were a great bunch of people apart from four Mormon couples who kept pretty much to themselves. The passengers numbered 57. I’m now looking forward to doing one of their Irriwaddy cruises.


More details Click here: Pandaw River Cruises Program

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  • Specification
    Length: 200ft / 60m
    Beam: 36ft / 11m
    Draught: 4ft / 1.5m
    Berths: 64 pax
    Decks: 4: Lower, Main, Upper, Sun
    Engines: 2 x 550bhp Isuzu
    Propulsion: Inboard system
    Built: 2003
    Comms: Cell phones, Sat phones (where permitted by local authorities) VHF and SSB radio, internal phone system, PA system and tannoy system for navigation purposes.
    Safety: Smoke detectors in all cabins and public places, emergency lighting and generator, fire pump, hydrants and hoses, fire extinguishers, life jackets for all on board and life rafts.
    Navigation: Navigation lights, ships horn, searchlight, GPS, Radar (where permitted by local authorities).
    Amenities: On board laundry, bakery, fully equipped galley and refrigeration units; air conditioning for all inside areas.
    Water: Treatment plants for desalination, desedimentation and purification using UV and osmosis.
    Sewage: Microbiotic treatment plants.
    Class: Myanmar DMA Inland Water (based on Lloyds Inland Water Class).
    Flag: Country flags in areas of operation.
    Insurance: Ship Owners UK: P&I policies with over USD45 million per vessel.
    Crew: 28 per vessel of mixed Asian nationalities.
    Management: European expatriate experts employed directly by Pandaw Cruises supervising experienced Asian Pursers.